4.4 million Californians expected to travel for Memorial Day weekend

(Last Updated On: May 18, 2015)

Memorial Day weekend signifies the beginning of summer for many Californians. Typically, it’s right around the time that school gets out for kids, and the long holiday weekend provides a great opportunity to travel as a family or with friends. And, it appears that Californians are expected to hit the roads this Memorial Day weekend in record numbers. According to a report by the Automobile Club of Southern California, roughly 4.4 million Californians are expected to travel during the holiday weekend.

This is the largest number of Californians to travel since 2005 when over 5.18 million hit the highways. It’s an increase of 4.6% over last year’s numbers. Many experts are attributing this increase of travelers to a better economy and lower gas prices than last year at this time. However, California is still has the highest gas prices in the United States and remains in the middle of a four year drought.

These factors make it rather surprising that so many Californians plan on traveling for the Memorial Day weekend. Overall, AAA is predicting 37.2 million Americans to travel this holiday weekend. For the record, experts define the Holiday travel period from Thursday, May 21, to Monday, May 25.