California eliminates outdoor showers at State Beaches due to drought

(Last Updated On: July 15, 2015)

In effort to continue water conservation, California has shut off outdoor showers located at all of the state’s beaches. Despite ruffling the feathers of numerous beachgoers, this historic drought has forced California to reduce water driven amenities. Beginning July 15th, outdoor showers will no longer be available at state beaches which forces beachgoers to find alternative methods for rinsing off after a day at the ocean.

According to a report by, over 18 million gallons of water can be saved annually by shutting off outdoor showers.  In a state where every gallon of water matters, 18 million gallons saved is well worth the grievances of beachgoers who can’t get all the sand out from between their toes.

There’s no official word for how long the outdoor showers will be shut off for. This does not include campgrounds that have showers which operate on tokens and coins.

Some officials believe that this prolonged absence of outdoor showers could reduce the estimated 85 million people that visit these state beaches and parks. However, until the state sees a much needed relief from this historic drought, water conservation will be the predominant way of life in California.