Fort Bragg Itineraries: One to Three days

Although Fort Bragg is a smaller town, there’s still plenty of things to see and do.  If you plan on traveling to this beautiful ocean town on the Northern Coast of California, then check out my suggested itineraries so that you… Read More

A quick look at the Pudding Creek Trestle

The trestle is roughly 520 feet long and close to 50 feet high. In 1949, the trestle was reinforced and converted to a one lane logging bridge for trucks. By the late 70’s vehicles were no longer allowed to cross it…. Read More

A quick look at Noyo Harbor

Noyo Harbor is a small little fishing port that offers a variety of activities for visitors. In addition to some fine seafood restaurants, you can also charter boats for fishing or whale watching, hike along the harbor or even head out on… Read More