California bans selfies on fish and wildlife land

Well, people, it’s come to this: state and federal lands are actually having to tell people to not take selfies regarding fish and wildlife. Yep. You’ve probably heard all about how people’s obsession with selfies prevented sea turtles from nesting in… Read More

Google’s air-mapping Street View cars make it to California

Google’s Street View cars aren’t just for taking photos: apparently some are also mapping air quality. Yesterday, Google announced that the program is spreading to San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Central Valley regions of the state, according to High concentrations… Read More

Eight animal species in California move toward protected status

The United States Fish and Wildlife Service has announced that eight species of animals in California have now gotten one step closer to being protected as either endangered or threatened. Two are in the San Bernardino Mountains alone: the California spotted… Read More

California won’t be saved by a wet winter

Water cuts are ongoing, wells are going dry, and wildfires are going crazy.  This is what’s happening in California. Don’t worry, though: El Niño could actually be the savior of the west coast. El Niño happens about every five years, bringing… Read More

Warmer temps are attractive to sharks in SoCal

Some sightings of sharks off the coast of southern Cali may have been surprising to some people in the last few weeks, but it’s not surprising to the people who know sharks best. As warmer weather attracts more sharks to the… Read More

North Lake Tahoe Ale Trail ready for the fall season

If you love the outdoors just as much as you love local craft beers, then you need to head to Lake Tahoe to check out the North Lake Tahoe Ale Trail. It launched on September 1 through the Incline Village Crystal… Read More

Did a large portion of California’s population leave because of the recession?

The recession has greatly impacted California, according to a report released by the IRS. Migration data is compiled based on year-to-year address changes people report on their tax returns. The Sacramento Bee looked at the numbers and determined that five million… Read More

Trips to LAX might take longer than normal

Starting Monday, travelers will have to add some extra drive time to their trip to and from LAX because of road work. Repairs to the departure level road will cause delays for all traffic to and from the airport, and there… Read More

Olive oil tourism on the rise in California

Ninety-nine percent of the extra-virgin olive oil in the U.S. is produced in California; four percent of the global market comes from The Golden State according to The New York Times. Many producers are within just three or so hours from… Read More