Point Arena Lighthouse

Point Arena Lighthouse: the tallest lighthouse on the Pacific Coast

Positioned on a narrow peninsula of land along the Mendocino Coast, is the Pacific’s tallest lighthouse – the Point Arena Lighthouse. At 115 feet in height, this lighthouse provides priceless views of California’s northern coast and an opportunity for visitors to… Read More

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Bear Valley Visitor Center: start your Point Reyes National Seashore journey here

The 71,000 acre National Seashore has three visitor’s centers to help educate and guide the 2.5 million annual visitors. However, it’s the Bear Valley Visitor Center that’s considered the park’s headquarters and is my suggestion for the best place to start… Read More

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Point Reyes Shipwreck: Divert your plans to the Inverness shipwreck

It’s in this awestruck bewilderment, that sites like the Point Reyes Shipwreck can easily be overlooked or even unknown to visitors. Shipwrecks Point Reyes has a long and horrifying history of shipwrecks. Until the late 19th century, the Point Reyes Headlands… Read More

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Point Reyes Lighthouse: 308 steps to the edge of a coastal abyss

This all-encompassing fog contributed to the Point Reyes Headlands becoming a final resting place for numerous ships and mariners over the centuries. Additionally, various geological features, powerful currents and strong winds added to the overall danger of sailing near Point Reyes…. Read More

Noyo Harbor

A quick look at Noyo Harbor

Noyo Harbor is a small little fishing port that offers a variety of activities for visitors. In addition to some fine seafood restaurants, you can also charter boats for fishing or whale watching, hike along the harbor or even head out on… Read More