Glitch in machine falsely reports three California earthquakes

(Last Updated On: May 31, 2015)

Over the last few days, the USGS has reported three earthquakes in Northern California. However, there were no actual earthquakes. According to a report by, there was a glitch in the sensors that caused a false earthquake detection. The USGS was forced to issue retractions due to the numerous media outlets reporting these occurrences as facts.

On Friday, a 5.1 temblor was reported near the border of California and Oregon. On Saturday morning, a 4.8 quake was reported near San Simeon and a 5.5 quake reported near Brooktrails. All three of these reports were inaccurate due to a glitch in the sensors located throughout California.

The USGS says that the sensors picked up on the waves crashing on the California coast that were due to the real earthquakes further away.

And on another note, the prophecy of a major quake hitting a few days ago in California, obviously didn’t come to fruition either.