Modesto, Tulloch and Woodward Reservoirs defy statewide drought

(Last Updated On: May 24, 2015)

In the midst of a four year drought, a few of Central Valley’s popular water destinations are seemingly immune to the statewide water depletion. According to a report by The Modesto Bee, Modesto, Tulloch and Woodward Reservoirs are near normal levels despite this severe drought drying up many of the state’s rivers and lakes.

In fact, even nearby watering holes are suffering badly, yet, these three reservoirs provide a great opportunity for Californians to enjoy some summer fun on the water.

One strategy for keeping these reservoirs near full capacity is by limiting when visitors can enjoy the water activities. Both Lake Tulloch and Woodward Reservoir are open from mid-April through mid-September. This strategic plan was implemented by water agencies and has proven successful especially during this drought.

Memorial Day weekend saw an influx of visitors to these lakes. Some believe that this summer season could see an increase in visitors over past years due to the high water levels and because nearby lakes are suffering badly. For example, New Melones Lake is at 19% capacity and Lake Don Pedro is at 41% capacity. These numbers reflect most of the lakes and reservoirs throughout California. Sacramento and Eldorado County’s popular Folsom Lake is only at 56% of total capacity and 69% of the historical average for this weekend.

With news of these Central Valley reservoirs being full of water, I definitely plan on heading down there this summer. How about you?