El Niño brings very poisonous snake to California’s shore

At least one Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake, known as “incredibly venomous,” has been seen at Silver Strand Beach near Oxnard. A local environmental group says it was probably brought to land by El Niño. The snake, which hasn’t been seen in California… Read More

California won’t be saved by a wet winter

Water cuts are ongoing, wells are going dry, and wildfires are going crazy.  This is what’s happening in California. Don’t worry, though: El Niño could actually be the savior of the west coast. El Niño happens about every five years, bringing… Read More

Warmer temps are attractive to sharks in SoCal

Some sightings of sharks off the coast of southern Cali may have been surprising to some people in the last few weeks, but it’s not surprising to the people who know sharks best. As warmer weather attracts more sharks to the… Read More