Forest City: Sierra County’s authentic Gold Rush ghost town

Forest City, appropriately named because of its location in the Tahoe National Forest, was settled in the summer of 1852 when miners discovered gold at the forks of the Oregon Creek in Sierra County. Within a few short years, the town… Read More

The Gable Mansion: Woodland’s historic home is a symbol of perseverance

The Gable Mansion, located in Woodland, was built in 1885 and is a classic example of 19th century Victorian Italianate architecture. The mansion’s romantic exterior and remarkable interior will surely astound even the least enthusiastic visitor. But, the most impressive aspect… Read More

The Spirit of Sacramento: an abandoned riverboat with a fascinating tale

Sitting along the Garden Highway is an incredible roadside attraction with a fascinating tale. This giant paddlewheel boat (the Spirit of Sacramento) was originally created as a snagboat, but went on to star in a Hollywood film, was owned by John… Read More

Captain Jack’s Stronghold: a cultural and historical centerpiece of California

Located in Northern California, Siskiyou and Modoc Counties, lies an amazing gathering of volcanic formations known as Lava Beds National Monument. Spread out over 46,000 acres, this land is now a historic monument and State Park. However, for many generations, this… Read More

Matthew Kilgore Cemetery: The once forgotten history of Rancho Cordova

Throughout California, there have been hundreds of cemeteries lost or forgotten. In some extreme cases, cemeteries have been paved over, buried under housing and business developments or even tossed into the sea.  It’s a sad reality that some people and businesses don’t care about the… Read More

The story behind the abandoned Colfax Hotel

Long ago, when the town of Colfax, formerly Illinoistown, was surrounded only by mountains and dirt roads, the iron horses of the Central Pacific and later Southern Pacific Railroads were blazing a trail in its very direction.  In fact, Colfax became… Read More