Unlikely May storms bring snow and hail to So-Cal, Potential for mudflows

(Last Updated On: May 8, 2015)

If traveling to Southern California this weekend, you may want to leave the bathing suits at home and bring your snow boots, warm clothes and hot cocoa. According to a report by the Los Angeles Times, a rare May winter-like storm dropped snow, hail and rain in southern California from Santa Barbara to San Diego Counties. Additionally, in the mountains, snow fell below 5,000 feet in elevation forcing drivers to bust out the chains.

The storm wasn’t an abnormal one in terms of the precipitation and snow. What was abnormal was how late it came in the year. With the state suffering from the worst drought in recent memory, any surprising rainfall is a small miracle. In fact one school district in the San Bernardino Mountains cancelled school on Friday due to the snowfall, according to KTLA.com.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough snowfall or rainfall to really improve the overall shortage of water in southern reservoirs.

Another concern is that this rain could cause mudflows in Orange County after the region suffered some recent fires. So far, there have been no reported mudflows.

The cooler temperatures are expected to remain along the coast. But, the precipitation should be gone by Friday evening.