Video of six great white sharks spotted near Orange County coast

(Last Updated On: May 19, 2015)

Is there a more feared creature than the great white shark? If you are old enough to have seen the movie Jaws, then the answer is – No. Last week, Sherriff deputies captured footage of great white sharks swimming off the coast of Orange County, California. According to a report by, the sharks were roughly 40 yards from shore. Lifeguards were alerted and swimmers were instructed not to go near the water.

Initially, The Sunset Harbor fireboat was patrolling off the coast when the crew spotted a shark. Authorities were notified and the Orange County Sherriff’s Harbor Patrol sent a helicopter out to monitor the situation. Eventually, six great white sharks were spotted. All of the sharks were roughly 6 feet in length.

The following video was taken by the Deputies during their monitoring of the six great white sharks: