California bans selfies on fish and wildlife land

(Last Updated On: October 1, 2015)

Well, people, it’s come to this: state and federal lands are actually having to tell people to not take selfies regarding fish and wildlife. Yep. You’ve probably heard all about how people’s obsession with selfies prevented sea turtles from nesting in Costa Rica last week, dangerously threatening the population because the sea turtles wouldn’t lay their eggs. And how a man was killed taking a selfie during a bull run in Spain.

In total, 12 tourists have died so far in 2015 while taking selfies in dangerous situations, and how many more have done something harmful to the environment while capturing that “perfect moment” on their smartphone?

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife has issued a statement, along with the Nevada Department of Wildlife and the U.S. Forest Service, telling tourists not to take bear selfies and said they would shut down Lake Tahoe’s Taylor Creek if the activity didn’t stop. Kokanee salmon should start swimming upstream in an annual event of procreation, but if everyone shows up and decides to take selfies that involve them getting into or nearby the water, combined with hungry bears, this could turn ugly.

Disney banned selfie sticks starting July 1 this year after several problems, so it’s not like this is a new or local problem within California. The problem is that some people are a self-indulgent, narcissistic group.

Think about your environment before you set out on the hunt for that perfect selfie, okay?

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