Codfish Falls Trail: The biggest adventure is driving there

Codfish Falls is a 65-70 foot waterfall located on Codfish Creek in the Auburn State Rec Area. The creek, and waterfall, flows down toward the North Fork of the American River. The trail to the waterfall is roughly 1.5 miles long with pleasant… Read More

Top 12 places to visit in Auburn State Recreation Area

The Auburn State Recreation Area is located in the heart of Gold Country. It spans over 40 miles of the North and Middle Forks of the American River. This state owned land is filled with many sites and adventures. From hiking… Read More

A look at both the old and the new Iowa Hill Bridges

The older bridge, which was built in 1928, was no longer safe or suitable for modern transportation needs. However, instead of tearing down and replacing the older bridge, the county decided to leave it standing for all to enjoy. This presented… Read More

Yankee Jims Road: Rich in history and waterfalls

Initially, the road was used by stagecoaches to travel between mining camps. Today, it’s an adventure filled with scenic views, historical sites, danger and waterfalls. Departure and Directions On an early Friday morning in May, I set out in search of… Read More

Yankee Jims: The legend of a bandit, the lore of a gold rush town and Folgers coffee

Located roughly 3 miles west-northwest of Foresthill, in Placer County, Yankee Jims is a registered state historical landmark with an infamous past. The town was named after Yankee Jim; a notorious character who found gold while on the run. Who was… Read More

Devils Falls: Giving the devil its due

Yankee Jims Road runs directly through this canyon on its way south to Foresthill. Along Yankee Jims road you will find Devils Falls located about 5.6 miles south of Colfax. The Waterfall Devils Falls is roughly 50 to 60 feet high…. Read More

Bunch Canyon Falls: a historical hiking adventure

It’s located on Bunch Canyon creek which flows through Bunch Canyon. This creek is historically significant due to its part in the gold rush era of Placer County. Bunch Creek History According to various historical accounts, after miners found gold along… Read More

A quick look at Ponderosa Way Bridge in Placer County

The Codfish Falls trailhead is located at the North side of the bridge. Check out my article on Codfish Falls Trail for more info and pictures This bridge was completed in 1935 by the Civilian Conservation Corps. The Ponderosa Way bridge’s total… Read More