Timbuctoo: a once prominent town of Yuba County’s distant past

Californian’s don’t have to journey to Africa or trek off to a remote location in the middle of nowhere to discover Timbuctoo. Just a 30 minute drive down  Highway 20 from either Marysville or Grass Valley will lead visitors to the location of a town… Read More

Forest City: Sierra County’s authentic Gold Rush ghost town

Forest City, appropriately named because of its location in the Tahoe National Forest, was settled in the summer of 1852 when miners discovered gold at the forks of the Oregon Creek in Sierra County. Within a few short years, the town… Read More

Kyburz Flat Interpretive Area: three historic eras in one scenic location

The Kyburz Flat Interpretive Area is Sierra County’s little known historic site that’s actually listed on the National Register of Historic Places for its blend of three different historic eras into one scenic location. Under the supervision of the Sierraville Ranger District, the Kyburz Flat… Read More

Michigan Bluff: From gold to Leland Stanford, this town was the envy of its day

This town used to be a booming place that rivaled any other town in Placer County during the gold rush era. In fact, one could make an argument for this town being the best of them all. A few homes, a cemetery, a… Read More